Property Management

We are dedicated to the care of your property and providing the best service. This includes careful tenant selection, regular inspections, and cost-effective maintenance coordination.

OUr Process

Free Session

We’ll listen to your requirements and discuss how we can help

Free, no-obligation rental home analysis. 

Service Period

Step 1

Sign a property management agreement that outlines roles and  responsibilities of each party

Step 2

Conduct a comprehensive inspection and compile a condition report for your property

Step 3

Advertise your property on Australia’s leading property platforms to secure high quality tenants 

Step 4

Meet all prospective tenants at the property and ensure every applicant completes an application

Step 5

Undertake reference check and create a short list of candidates for your selection

Step 6

Once you select a tenant, we will prepare the lease paperwork and schedule a move-in appointment

Step 7

Collect rental funds, conduct routine inspections and other ongoing management for your propert